Bantam Cider was born from a proud family tradition of
winemaking and a desire to be part of a creative process
rooted in the local community.

We were inspired to do something special, to create a truly unique and
modern line of products that would reshape the way people experience
cider. We use the best quality local fruit and ingredients we can find and
work from our cidery in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Five and a half years in, we remain a small enterprise in a world of big brands. 
However, our ambitions are bigger than ever. We plan to challenge  
everyday thinking about what cider should be, one great drink at a time.

We are committed to making creative and distinctive
crafted cider using fresh pressed apples and high-quality,
all-natural ingredients.

We believe cider making is more art than science, the process requiring
patience over expediency. Bantam strives to be modern, our approach for-
ward looking. We don’t believe cider must fit neatly into one standard style.
Instead we want to push the creative process and elevate cider as the ver-
satile, complex and interesting choice it deserves to be.

Our mission is not only to make great cider, it's to be a great company.
To us, this means playing a positive, active role in our community. As we
begin to gain momentum, we are exploring ways to do just this and wel-
come suggestions on meaningful opportunities that exist.