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Mellow Yellow

Nov 04, 2016

It’s the perfect time of year. It’s the time when colorful leaves fall from the trees and there’s a chill in the air. It’s the time for hanging out with friends around a campfire. It’s the time to enjoy Bantam’s Smoked Saison cider.

In mid 2014, we were invited to participate in the famed Boston Bacon & Beer Fest – featuring many of Boston’s best chefs and their bacon-themed creations side by side with great local beer and cider. A vote by attendees awarded our Smoked Saison cider, Best in Show across all beer and cider sampled at the event. We knew we had something special then, and now here it is again, but in a sexier, more comfortable package – a tallboy can!

We slowly smoke roast Ida Red and Greening apples over Applewood until they caramelize and take on this beautiful sweet and woody character. The smoked apples are then fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast. The finished cider is well-balanced and earthy with a smooth and smoky finish. If you love the smell of a campfire, the peaty character of scotch, or the lovely finish of Mezcal, our Smoked Saison is going to impress you. Come grab a glass in our taproom this weekend and see for yourself. If you’re in a hurry and can’t stay, you can always grab a 4-pack to enjoy at home!


Team Bantam