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Myths, Rumors and Energy Efficient Toilets

Dec 09, 2016

Myths develop. Rumors happen. Think about the mythical lost city of Atlantis or the Great Flood that wiped out a civilization. Or some more contemporary favorites: Beyonce was never pregnant; Tupac is alive; Pretty Things Beer and Ale project has rebranded as Winter Hill Brewing.

Some are crazy, most are false.

We at Bantam aren’t insulated from this any more than the next company. Last year around this time we heard from a few sources that Bantam had been bought out by Budweiser. False (though we did try to find out the value of the deal.) More recently we heard a rumor that we were going out of business (again, false.) Thankfully, in our case, these only took a quick phone call or conversation to debunk. Done. We’re still independently owned, healthy and fast growing. And then, perhaps as uncommon as the sighting of a purple pelican, there is one rumor that we cannot deny. And rather than be caught up in what appears to be a scandal, we’d like to proactively come forward with complete transparency and this admission: We do not in fact have an energy efficient toilet.

Done, the truth is out. Why this matters most, is because we promoted our toilet as such.

After a long taproom shift last week, our staff was surprised to see the writing on the wall (literally). In what seems to have been a fit of passion, one of our guests was driven to expose the truth about our toilet, and in the process, call us out on our misrepresentation. To this person, whomever they are (LEED Certified Plumbing Engineer) please know we all owe you a debt of gratitude for bringing this to light. In our own defense, we thought our toilet was an eco-friendly low-flush model.

So, all is now right again, and we have changed our bathroom note accordingly. In the process, we have debunked another rumor. Hopefully, we’ve also made other businesses wildly aware of the fact that, in the end, toilets do matter.