Smoked Saison

6.0% ABV, Gluten free

22oz bottle, draught

Our Smoked Saison is truly a one of a kind. Others may try to replicate its magic, but that’s hard to do. Because, what we know, that others don’t, is that the key is in the smokers. And for that we use the finest re-purposed steel drums left over from production. We fill them with apples and slow roast the fruit over Applewood until it caramelizes and takes on a beautiful sweet and woody character.

From there, with the help of a Belgian Saison yeast, the fermentation takes place. The result of the journey is an exceptionally unique experience. Smoked Saison is a well-balanced and earthy dry cider with hints of toasted spices and caramel that’s smooth and smokey on the finish. Imagine a summer barbecue or a campfire on a cold fall night – and you’re there.

This is a scotch-lovers cider. And for those of you that scares off…don’t be afraid of what you haven’t yet tried. Step up to our table, we might just change the way you think about cider.