We believe anything worth drinking is worth drinking well

We believe you actually can taste sincerity

We believe that the real recipe for craft cider should be one part history to two parts making history

We believe in movements, not trends

We believe you are what you drink

We believe size doesn’t matter. Mostly

We believe that a positive attitude creates a positive impression…ours is a happy orchard

We believe that it’s not how much you say on your label, but what you say

We believe that anything that tastes good, smells good, looks good, or feels good is a potential ingredient for our next cider

We believe that when you are asked to ride on a rocket ship you don’t ask which seat, you just jump on

We believe that Amelia Earhart is one of the greatest modern adventurers

We believe James Bond is 00awesome

We believe in respect - for each other, for the planet, for natural, real ingredients

We believe that life is short so share your passion

We believe if you think you don’t like cider, you haven’t tried ours yet